Award Winning Permaculture Practice ~ Est. 2002

Native Plant Nursery - Design & Install.  Ecological and Shoreline Landscape Specialists

Botanical Gardens &  Woodland Botanicals - Edible & Herbal Products from Muskoka and Haliburton, Ontario, CANADA



BarK is an Award Winning Family-Owned Ecological Nursery

We are dedicated to our community, sustainable gardens, and healthy diverse ecosystems and waterways, of which people are a part.

We specialize in locally grown genetically indigenous trees, shrubs and perennials, and their botanical products, along with organic seasonal produce, herbs, botanicals and clean air tropicals.

We are waterfront landscaping specialists with 7 years of post-secondary education and training in landscaping, ecosystem management, and botany, and over 15 years of experience in the field.

At BarK one will find experiential learning opportunities among our wonderful forests  in the land pine and bedrock.

Invite Us To Your Site

BarK has been designing and installing Site and Shoreline Restorations, Pollinator Gardens, Butterfly and Songbird Gardens, Therapeutic Gardens, and Custom Stonework for 15 years.   

We are Ecologists, Landscapers, and Gardeners with a Botanical flare.  Whatever your project, from wetland to drought, we know the most sustainable method and material.  

Our landscape design projects are multi-functional;  being smart, beautiful,  ecological, edible, and therapeutic for all creatures .


We design with the hardiest locally grown produce and plants for our zones.

We Can Help​

Whether you need:

  • native plants,
  • woodland botanical products by the kg.,
  • an ecological site inventory, 
  • to install a landscape with stone quietly,
  • to design and install a shoreline restoration,
  • a kitchen garden with medicinal and edible plants, or 
  • to identify your plants on site,

BarK can help! 

Come Visit Us!

Interested in Woodland Edibles, Botanicals, and  Wildcrafting? 

Take tour through our forest botanical gardens.  Every visit holds a new learning experience!  From mushrooms through to healthy pest control.  BarK can start you off!  We use Ecologic for smart landscapes.  Workshops can be attended as advertised, or adapted for you and your friends.  Give us a call.

Build With Us

Spend your volunteer hours with BarK and learn about our unique business. Witness how to make more plants, harvest woodland botanicals, install gardens and structures, blaze trails and use forest tools while introducing yourself to the local flora and permaculture practice.  Begin to comprehend soil science while working in our gardens.  Ahhh... soil science!  What great fun!

Community Projects and Partners

who have worked with BarK Ecologic to kick-start projects and improve our communities:

Lake of Bays Association

Township of Lake of Bays

Lake of Bays Heritage Foundation

Friends of Marsh's Falls

Friends of Algonquin Park

Friends of Ecological and Environmental Learning

Haliburton Muskoka Children's Water Festival

Township of Algonquin Highlands

Halls/Hawk Lakes Property Owners Association

Boshkung Lake Property Owners Association

Township of Minden Hills

Dorset Health Hub - Healing Garden

Dorset Community Partnership

YWCA Muskoka

Chrysalis House Huntsville

Horticulture Societies - District 18

Dorset Lions

Lake of Bays Libraries

Dwight Improvement Group

The Land Between

Haliburton Land Trust - Native Plant Sale
CHA - Shoreline Restoration Consulting
Abbey Gardens - Project Management & Design

Sinking Ship Productions - Giver

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